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Solar Sounds Grants

To encourage the creation of new “solar sounds,” I’m offering two $500 grants to inspire the production of songs or tracks with a broadly solar theme, or with a theme directly and explicitly related to one of the three archetypes from Fire in the Dark, using the names The Father, The Striker, or The Lord of the Earth. 

The finished recordings can be of any genre, and can even be almost entirely instrumental. 

The artist will be retain the right to sell recordings of the composition on his own platforms, and this will be promoted by PH2T3R. 

Jack Donovan and Brutal Company LLC will have the right to use all or portions of the recording in products and videos and to include the recording in possible future compilations. 

UPDATE – As of June 1, 2021, three grants have been awarded and muscial pieces are in the process of being created. 

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