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Solar Tattoo Flash Grants

The goal of this project is to compile a printable 11×17 page of solar-themed tattoo flash with 5-7  tattoo designs featuring solar themes. 

I know that I have a range of readers who are professional tattoo artists, and plenty of readers who are looking for tattoo ideas, so I thought it would productive to bring them together in one project. 

I will pay $100 each for 5-7 solar-themed tattoo flash designs in whatever style is a given artist’s specialty, to be included on a distributable page that will be reprinted on this site and possibly in a future publication.

Each artist will be credited, and the idea is that some individuals may even seek out a given tattoo artist to acquire his tattoo. I may even contact the artists to get some of them tattooed on me.

Here are some ideas, but as long as a solar theme from Fire in the Dark is represented it could be fair game:

  • Something generally solar in nature (suns, sun symbols, etc.)
  • Symbolic representations of The Father, The Striker, or The Lord of the Earth (their symbols can be included or not)
  • Bulls, eagles, lightning, vajras, clubs, hammers, chariots — any of the symbols listed in the book associated with the key gods/archetypes
  • Conceptualizations of slogans or ideas from Fire in the Dark
  • Representations of historical gods or ideas mentioned in the book: Indra, Zeus, Herakles, the Maruts, Dionysus, Pan, etc.
  • Monsters slain by historical gods or heroes: Typhon, Python, Hydra, the Nimean Lion, Vrtra — pretty much the best tattoo subjects possible

UPDATE – As of June 1, 2021, I am now contacting tattoo artists and commissioning flash individually. If you’re a professional tattoo artist and you’d like to participate, email me at with your idea and we can discuss a commission price. 


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