PH2T3R is a cultural journal and gallery intended to promote and showcase solar culture.

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There is a fine line between wanting to inspire a thriving culture, and protecting one’s creations from being perverted or repurposed in a way that is in conflict with the creator’s original intent.

I encourage men to use the three solar symbols below (for The Father, The Striker, and The Lord of the Earth) in individual works of art and craft (which can be sold as individual works of art and craft by the artist or craftsman), and for use in tattoos. However, I retain the copyright for these symbols for the purposes of merchandising, and they may not be used in merchandise (such as t-shirts, stickers, patches, or other mass-produced products) without my written permission. They also may not be used in the logos of businesses or organizations. 

The symbol for the PH2T3R project and site (see below) is a logo and property of Jack Donovan and Brutal Company and may not be used or reproduced in any way without written permission from Jack Donovan.