New Music – Acropolis of the Ascended – Into The Light

Order of Fire original members Paul Begadon (Ireland) and Fredrik of Temple Tribe (Sweden) collaborated to produce the powerful new single “Into The Light,” which is now available on all of the major streaming services as part of Temple Tribe’s Acropolis of the Ascended release. 

Fredrik’s music production here is powerful and cinematic — look for a similar collaboration with me in the future. 

In addition to being a strong argument for reading classic literature, Paul’s words convey the spirit of Solar Idealism and the culture we’re trying to create with the PH2T3R project and the Order of Fire.

Take inspiration from the great stories of the past and use them to inform your actions in the present and your vision for the future. 

The words for Into the Light also seem to evoke a Platonic world of the forms — a parallel world of perfection above and beyond us that peeks through the clouds in god rays and inspires greatness in men. 

I was so moved by this effort that I wanted to help spread the word, so I cut a lyric video for it. 

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