The Holy Grail of Meditation

Once I grasped this ritual symbolism the results of meditation became an actual experience. Before that, meditation was something I did “hoping” for an experience.

Just like riding a bike, once a person gets it, they pretty much got it. Here’s what made the difference. 

The Symbolism of the Cup:

The Cup has an open top, its purpose is to receive some kind of liquid, in order to do this The Cup must also possess depth.

In Ritual the Cup sits upon a level, solid, Altar with a lamp above it. Sitting solidly, the liquid inside finds its level and the surface becomes still.

In its stillness, the surface of the liquid reflects the light above.

The light above the Altar represents the eternal Solar Force, while the light reflected upon the surface of the water is the image of the “Sun Within.”

Once I got ahold of this simple concept, the practice of meditation all of a sudden bloomed with results.

It’s actually much more simple than it sounds. Just make the Mind into an image of that Cup, where its surface is level, still, and open only to that which is above- the Solar Force.

As the babbling surface structure of the Mind’s inner thoughts and utterances stills, a previously hidden dimension reveals itself, not only as a image of a “Sun Within” reflect upon the surface (which was earlier only perceived as an external “Sun Without”) but also an awareness of the Cup’s hidden depth – the mythic dimension of the Individual’s unconscious Mind.

This experience can get pretty interesting because one would assume that once they stop thinking and talking to themselves in a ceaseless internal monologue that there would be nothing else going on inside themselves. But that is definitely not the case.

The Mind has all sorts of things going on, ancestral memories, strange unconscious knowledge, basically a whole mythic under-structure of which the Individual suddenly becomes conscious.

I could go into some stories of what that experience entailed for me personally, but I think it’s much more interesting if a person gets to know it as an actual experience for themselves rather than just hearing someone else relate their own “visions.” Yours might be very different.

That said, there is a time factor involved. I did this very seriously for roughly six months in 2016, which is what originally triggered the opening of a gate which never shut again.

After this original experience, attaining this state is actually very easy. A person just assumes the same posture they were in at the time that the experience originally occurred and because of a strange “anchoring” tendency in the human mind the state can be invoked rather quickly.

That said, after the initial, kind of lengthy phase of acquiring the skill and its subsequent results as a “breakthrough” the practice is no longer necessary to do everyday to maintain access to that state. 

Meditation represents the contemplative phase of development which is ultimately, very “passive.” It can involve a whole lot of sitting. 

So, as soon as the desired result is achieved it’s time to move into the active phase which is represented by “WILL.” This phase is ultimately very “active” and involves a whole lot doing.

If Meditation represents the horizontal “level” of the Mind, then the WILL represents the “vertical” rise upward as the WILL ascends to the summit (or capstone) of its chief aspiration.
Johnny Mannaz
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Johnny Mannaz is a Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP and author of The King's Curriculum, Self-Initiation for Self-Rulers.