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For our species, the pull of our eyes to the world above is ever present. No matter where you go, that boundless above never retreats. It is a presence above that carries many forms, faces, and a thousand more actions. 

This presence carries seeds on the wind to fertile fields, brings procreative rain to water them, and then the great sun above to nourish the life that is to come. This new life feeds the cattle you tend to, and the meat you and your family eat, which makes your children grow strong. 

Such a presence perpetuates the cycle.

This is all a thing of beauty to behold, but the abundance may at times be short lived. The winds will one day become frigid, and the rains will turn to ice, and all the while the world above breaks with the wrath of unnamed giants, striking the soil with celestial flames. 

Such a presence also destroys the cycle.

There is an inherent order, just as there is an inherent chaos in the expanse above. Both of which have always been worshipped, placated, or otherwise sacrificed to. These functions are primeval and foundational to all cultures and all traditions, due to the sheer wonder of the power that may lie above. 

But, with time and wandering minds, new words and definitions arose for different experiences with this divine force. These new interpretations also caused shifts in focus and understanding, but all of them had a similar semblance, what I see as an eternal form.

Each of these shifts in focus was a cultural refraction of a singular source, the first source. Whatever we call it, truly makes no difference, and the experience therein will always remain truly a feat of mystery.  That is the underlying reason why we fashioned words and symbols to detail the form of our experiences. This allowed for a point of relation between others in a community so we could understand the environment around us better.

In this context, the words and symbols typically take the forms of gods, goddesses, and sometimes scathing spirits. What followed after was religion and further, more drastic differentiation between people on how these aspects were articulated. But each and every form begins with a God above. Something beyond our immediate grasp, and something we have always put our hands out towards.

There are many celestial forms invoked across the world, and all are cultural pathways to a perennial experience. One I’d say is embedded within humanity. The core of this experience is deep within the abyss of the unconscious. In truth, I think we need these forms for comprehension of such a simple, yet profound truth. We need these differentiations to convey our individual but similar experiences.

Zeus, Thor, Tengri, Indra, and yes, even Yahweh – have all arisen from the same experience of the upper world, but all are defined by their own particular theophany which is the causal origin of their names. Each of them has their own spiritual reality that reflects the ultimate primal one. We all live under the same sky, and we always have. The sun, the moon and all the other bodies have been up there since our first grasping at cognizance. We have always experienced rain, thunder, snow, and wind. 

But now, just as it was back then, we are able to witness and wear upon ourselves these numinous qualities of the elements. Just because we have a furthered the articulation of the elements that affect us, does not diminish the numinous qualities of the world around us. I’d say this understanding just enhances our spiritual experience overall. Despite what the atheists say.

Man has always seen the divine above, and all around him. He has always sought out to become like this divinity, with all the storm, sunlight and fecundity included.  This is why humans have always reshaped our environments to suit our will, and why we have so many sacred masks and cults for every facet of existence under the sky, imbuing even our own form and with the agency of all these powerful phenomena. Because we are in essence, made up of the same prima materia as everything else in existence, we as humans are the perfect vehicle for experiencing and harnessing these phenomena. 

We follow in the footsteps of this ancient one above, who moves the world to suit his will, and who has continually impressed man by his works. As men, it is only natural we model ourselves and our actions after the force we have always naturally looked up towards, and the one that bequeathed the world to us, by its blue embrace. 

Whether or not your form of God is hidden, revealed, or idle, we as men must always be in the pursuit towards the world above. This is what constitutes ascension. Men must always seek to become the prime mover of their own world and must always seek to understand what it means to move sun and moon. 

Men have always sought the divine in the world and have always attributed this divinity as inherent within themselves. This is an inevitable manifestation of that unconscious experience, to reach the same height as the god above.

But today we are fraught with a chthonic and caustic influence throughout the world, that destroys the upward trajectory of men and seeks to rewrite our entire ontology. This serpentine influence seeks to strip man of his spirit and send him to wander in a grey, dead world.

The only effective weapon against this is the search for ascendant values. Values of strength and virtue which push men towards greater heights; those principles which allow for the reintegration of the spiritual and the physical world. This way, men today are able to reach out and scratch the surface of God, or the Gods once again. 

The vault above has always been the thing we strove to touch, and all of our high Gods have their origin from this source. These Gods instilled justice, truth, strength, and order. This is what men should seek today.

To put it simply – men must seek the sky.

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