The Striker

The Striker champions order.

The Striker is the archetypal hero and warrior — the idealized hero, the hero beyond heroes. His virtues are the first virtues associated with the role of every man, the virtues that make survival and security possible — Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor. 

“The primary function of The Striker is to contend with physical chaos. Characterized by thumos, he uses physical force to put the world in order, and to maintain that order. To become what he is, The Striker must take and remain on a path of areté. But what characterizes him emotionally is the spur of thumos. 

Fire in the Dark: Men and Gods (p. 122).

The Striker fights monsters — forces of chaos and disorder — and to become what he is, he must become a force that creates chaos. In some sense, he must become a monster himself. He must become terrifying, and in this state, he can be seen as The Striker in Darkness. His challenge is to avoid becoming darkness permanently. He transforms himself in the service of light and the Father’s order. 

For more, read Fire in the Dark.

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