The Father

The Father creates and oversees order. 

The Father is the ideal father — the father beyond fathers.

“The primary function of The Father is to contend with conceptual chaos. Characterized by logos, he uses reason to put the world in order, and to maintain that order. The Father orients the world around the fire. He is not the fire, but conceptually, he is closest to it. He creates the point of reference and defines the perimeter. Within that perimeter, he is the final authority, although the earthbound father defers to the cosmic father to his own highest ideal of what it means to be a father. He acts as a representative of the sun, or of all that the sun represents to men.”

Fire in the Dark: Men and Gods (p. 81)

In dealing with conceptual chaos, The Father must deal with darkness and disorientation, and overcome it to create his order from the raw materials offered by the void. When The Father is moving through chaos, as the sun moves through the night, he is The Father in Darkness. When he emerges from the void to create order, he is The Father in Light. 

For more about The Father, read Fire in the Dark.


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